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Feel free to write or call us.
We can help you in all topics according to the "IP Camera Manager" and all IP Cameras which you have connected with your CloudCorder-Account.

- Please tell us the email address which you used for registering at the IP Camera Manager.
- For technical issues, please download our remote support tool before calling us.
- The below listed contact data is just an alternative if you havent sigend up for the IP Camera Manager yet.
- Prefarrably, please sign in to the "Help"-Section of the IP Camera Manager and open the Contact form.

Common requests, mail: info@cloudcorder.tv
Common requests, phone: 0049 6438 919 0222 (Monday-Friday 10AM-6PM, CET)

>> open the Help-Section of the CloudCorder IP Camera Manager (login)

CloudCorder IP Camera Manager - Security Camera Cloud Storage App

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The 'CloudCorder IP Camera Manager' offers Online Storage for IP Security Cameras / CCTV Cameras / Surveillance Cameras with motion detection and an App for iPhone and Android to for storing, recording and live-viewing all events of your IP Camera. The Camera Recorder stores all events of your IP Camera online into the Cloud Corder Cloud. A Free IP Cam Viewer App & Camera Software is included in the CloudCorder Camera Manager. CloudCorder has also tested over 30 IP Cameras, so you will find the right cameras for all your purposes and requirements - for both, business and home security use.

See test results under www.CloudCorder.com

IP Camera Manager under www.ipcameramanager.com

all-in-one IP Cameras are available here: www.upcam.de - Security Cameras optimized for CloudCorder